Would you agree we, at times, are our own worst enemy? When was the last time you took time for you?

Pencils & Planks is the place to get you back on track. With a blossoming community throughout multiple social media platforms, Pencils & Planks was ready for a place of it’s own, a showcase blog website.

The creator, Arlene, is an independent TeamBeach Body coach, 3rd grade teacher and dog mom. She authentically shares her journey of self-love, fitness and over-all health to show others they are not alone. Therefore, the website was built with community in mind.

A light, friendly color-theme brings a warm environment for the community to feel welcome in. It also provides a place where they can view products and services associated with TeamBeach Body.

Note: This website is currently under review by Team BeachBody to ensure it is in accordance with their requirements for independent Beachbody coaches.