With over 43 published pages, ImVida.janel.design (previously imvida.net) is the biggest project that I have completed. It was both challenging and very enjoyable to create.

A previous business partner of mine had a vision of this business and website. Their passion for their idea inspired me to create my version of it. Thus, ImVida.net became my main project, which took 1 month to complete.

ImVida offers five areas of digital services: Website Design, Graphic Design, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing and In-Depth Business Consultation and Analysis. Four of the five services have sub-services. This involved a lot of content. Therefore, organization and color was the most important in differentiating each service.

Everything from icons to copyright were created from the ground up.

Graphics were primarily created using Adobe Illustrator as well as some Adobe Photoshop.

Using WordPress, HTML and CSS offered many opportunities for customization and animation throughout the site.

One plugin that proved to be challenging but most useful, was Slider Revolution. Easy-to-use, implement vector graphics, and create call-to-action buttons. This provided a great way to engage viewers and click-through opportunities to relevant content.