ImVida was a business idea and project that me and my previous business partner had embarked on. The vision was to begin selling web-based products first. Then as the business grew, to expand ImVida services into other areas to improve one’s lifestyle, such as meditation or health and fitness tracking.

This meant created a logo that would be able to grow with the businesses outlook.

Using the “ocean and land” colors from the previous logo, I incorporated a gradient to signify how the two overlap. Likewise, ImVida’s digital services and their soon-to-be lifestyle services would also overlap.

The overall shape was inspired from the infinity symbol, which seems to be saturated in the logo design world. Therefore, to make this piece unique, I blended in the first letters of ImVida into the shape. The “i” is bending from the center to the top left and the “v” rests on the bottom right.

It was challenging, at first, to be sure the “v” was clear and visible for viewers. Thus, I added another gradient to bring out the full shape of the letter.