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As a retired collegiate athlete, I find challenges exciting and mentally-stimulating. Specifically, the sport I performed most in, gymnastics, is primarily a individual sport. Therefore, I excel both in team and independent environments. Also, valuable skills were engrained into my personality and daily life: goal-oriented, organized, self-determined, self-disciplined, kind sportsmanship, constructive competitiveness, and passionate.

This became the window I engaged with the world; the challenges, experiences, and opportunities were welcomed. Thus, failure is my friend, growth is based of action, and no mind is complete, only through a common goal can synchronized minds achieve greatness.

And so, the years following my athletic endeavours, have been very satisfying. My passion is to work with both children, teens and adults in their journey to the best version of themselves. Where ever I can offer my expertise and assistance, it is my pleasure to meet any challenges along side with them.